Welcome to Saw-Dog Coffee

Traditionally, coffee has had two jobs: taste good and put a little pep in your step.

But what if your coffee could do a lot more, like ensure that female coffee farmers in remote areas are physically safe, financially stable, and as a result, creating a better world for themselves and their children? What if you could do all of this with each sip?

Saw-Dog Coffee is all about…
helping you do good for others by roasting and selling really great coffee!

Our dedication to people and the planet aren’t the only thing we do differently. We roast differently, we sell and deliver our coffee differently, and we approach how we do business differently.

If you’re looking for a different experience with your coffee, it’s time to try Saw-Dog Coffee.

“When you find great tasting coffee that is responsibly sourced, supports female growers AND is roasted in small batches by real good folks, it becomes a staple in your home.”

— Melissa Werkman, Michigan