Coffee Drops

Ordering from Saw-Dog Coffee is a little different from other roasters because we are not available in stores. We don’t roast for someone else’s retail inventory — we roast your fresh coffee. We utilize Coffee Drop partners in convenient locations where orders are picked up! Each location has one or more days/month when we deliver. For ultimate convenience, you can also opt to have your coffee shipped directly to you.


Start by choosing an option.

Already a monthly member but don’t have a log-in yet?  Email  and we’ll set you up!

Ordering & Monthly Coffee Membership Subscriptions

Most roasters sell you a 12 ounce bag of coffee. We think you deserve a full pound of coffee, so enjoy that big 16-ounce, roasted-just-for-you bag that you can order in two ways:

  • Buy your coffee as a one-time order
  • Become a monthly member and save $3/pound!

What’s that about becoming a member?

The benefits of membership are simple: you save money on your coffee and there is no fee to sign up.

  1. Select a Coffee Drop Location (or choose to have your coffee shipped directly to you)
  2. Add your coffee selections to your cart and select “Monthly” as your frequency (add as much or as little coffee as you would like)
  3. Pick up your coffee once a month and enjoy!

Your membership will start immediately and your coffee will be delivered on the next available delivery date based on the Coffee Drop location you select.

Tell me more about Coffee Drops

Coffee Drop Locations are businesses, gyms, and neighborhood front porches.  Our hope is that our Coffee Drop locations help to foster community right where you are.

We deliver on Sundays and Mondays and base our deliveries on which Sunday of the month it is.  (1st Sunday, 2nd Sunday, 3rd Sunday, 4th Sunday).

You can pick up your coffee any time that week after it has been delivered.  You don’t have to show up on the day of delivery so if it is a business stop by during normal business hours.  If you are visitng someone’s front porch, visit during reasonable hours.  If you select a neighborhood location, the exact address will be emailed to you once you order.

Our Coffee Drop hosts are not involved in managing whose coffee has been delivered/picked up/etc so please direct any questions to us at


Want to order a LOT of coffee or have something special in mind?

We can do that too!  We can help you with bulk coffee orders, special gifts, wedding or event favors, etc!  Email and we’ll be happy to work with you!